Thursday, June 25, 2009

Featured in Silverthorn Press Newsletter

Silverthorn Press Interview Here

I'm thrilled to be featured by Corbin Silverthorn in his company's newsletter. Hope you will click the link above and read it:)

We have a ton of new things happening. First, is getting a facelift. We've switched from prostores to homestead for our hosting and thus the site is temporarily down. Our new site which is still in process is and shortly will point here as well.

"Star Light, Star Bright"
sold at Sunfest


PROMO: Magical Little Creatures on Etsy

"Purple Master"
merman, original, art card, abstract, green,purple

Stop in and visit us at PMiller Bargain Outlet Art

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stratum HQ

Here is a great example of a laser tag arena that incorporates a lot of the branding and impressive designs, I've mentioned briefly so far. Look for more websites with great themeing and look for some of my original sketchs and paintings featuring my themeing designs.

laser tag,laser tag arena,wild murals,themeing,sci fi art

Stratum HQ

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Art for Charity Update

Here's the painting I donated to Serenity House. Its called "Moonseed Girl" and is part of my Inspiration Series"

art for charity,serenity house,maryland,american artist,cubism,fine art,original art,miller modern art,pmillerabstractart,art blog,art news

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Creating Characters for Branding

Think Disney! I'm not sure if I'm right here but as I started to think about doing themeing jobs, creating brand-awareness through a few "comic book" characters started sounding like a really exciting task. Here are two characters that I designed with the help of a talented young artist (Markus Whitney). Their names are Quinn and Hiroki. Aren't they cute? (yes this is my idea and is available at this time for purchase...LOL).

action anime

What do you think of them? FYI: The background is inspired by a laser tag store in Sterling VA that is owned by a friend of mine. His company website is Laser Nation: Where America Plays!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hiring a Themeing Company or Artist

Basically if you want to have your business themed, your only concerns should be:

1)How well you know the individual/company you want to work with?
2)How much do you want to spend?
3)Do you want an exclusive or non-exclusive relationship?
4)Do you know your legal rights?
5)What kinds of themes (or branding)are right for you? heres an awesome article to get you started:
(I'll recommend some I like and some I have thought of over the past year later)

Here are a couple sites that can help save you some heartache if you would like your business themed.

Dealing with Artists(that's me) and their rights

Dealing with themeing companies(I'll recommend some of my favorites later)